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Have you considered a career in ministry, but you don’t know where to start?

Pathways is for YOU!

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Our Purpose

Pathways School of Ministry is designed to allow students to dig deeper into their personal relationship with God, clarify their calling, and provide opportunity for development in both theology and ministry competencies.

Primary requirements include: a heart for God, a desire to serve others, and a yearning to grow deeper in your faith.

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Our Programs

Pathways offers both an undergraduate and a graduate program. Students will participate in seven academic courses and three field education courses. Academic courses are delivered utilizing a combination of intensive in-class time, online content delivery, and distance learning. In-class sessions are offered on location at the Central Canadian District Ministry Centre in Burlington Ontario. The field education courses require the student to be actively involved in an internship placement at a church or ministry, where they will receive hands-on opportunities for development and mentorship from experienced ministry leaders.



Undergraduate studies (also called bachelors studies) are appropriate for mature students who do not currently hold a bachelors degree in a field of study, or for students who are recent graduates of secondary school. Undergraduate degrees are designed to offer a solid foundation on which to build future knowledge and education, in addition to the development of skills needed to pursue career opportunities in one's chosen area of study.


Auditing a Pathways course gives you the opportunity to engage with some of the material on the topic in a group setting with other students. It’s a good way to introduce yourself to a particular topic without the commitment to completing a course in its entirety.


Graduate studies (also called post-graduate studies) are studies that students may pursue after earning their bachelors. Graduate studies offer students the opportunity to develop more knowledge and specialization in a specific area of study.

The graduate learning environment is has been characterized as advanced, focused and scholarly in nature:

  • It is advanced because it builds upon an undergraduate education.

  • It is focused because the emphasis in graduate studies is on depth.

  • It is scholarly because it is concerned not simply with the acquisition of knowledge and skills, but with the critical analysis of existing knowledge and the creation of new knowledge. Graduate students are expected to acquire and apply advanced analytical, interpretive, and research skills.

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Why Pathways?

Want to hear from our students? We asked them: “Why Pathways?” Check out what they had to say.

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Christ as our Saviour, Sanctifier, Healer and Coming King established the Alliance theological ground rules that set the stage for a movement of God. We proclaim, with a new boldness, a full Gospel, centred on the power, person and presence of Jesus Christ. We believe in the total sufficiency of Christ to fulfill all God’s expectations for every believer. Christ must be exalted above all else!

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Our ministry effectiveness is in direct relationship to the Spirit’s control over our lives. The deeper life recognizes the indwelling Christ transforming our lives through the Holy Spirit by substituting ourselves with His strength, His holiness, His joy, His love, His faith, and His power. Out of sanctification emerges deeper worship, richer fellowship, fuller equipping in nurture and training, a more effective evangelism, and power in missions.

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Out of a Christ-centred and Spirit-empowered environment will emerge an unquenchable passion to be on mission with God. We have been blessed to be a blessing to the nations, both at home in Canada and abroad. Mission is not the activity of the Church, it is the identity of the Church.  


April 2019

I appreciate hearing the ‘new’ ways in which we are ministering as the C&MA in a more secular context … and how we need to begin sharpening and developing new methodologies to reach those God is inviting us to as we participate in His mission. This is what I am appreciating about the Pathways program.

- Pathways Graduate Program Student