Our students are saying …


January 2018

I’m seeing numerous good things that confirm that this is the perfect program for me to be a part of. Pathways is already challenging and strengthening my theology and walk with Christ – what a great way to inspire, unify, and equip people for ministry.

Steve Barabash / Graduate Program Student


Septemer 2017

My theology is being torn down but rebuilt up in a Biblically foundational way where I can grow and just understand further what God has in store for me and what He has in store for the Church.

Joel McCallum / Undergraduate Program Student


APRIL 2019

Cultivating Leaders is an amazing course breaking down the mind sets of what [being a] leader and being called look like.

Maria Sikal / Undergraduate Program Student / Cultivating Leaders in Ministry

APRIL 2018

This course taught me to be a follower of Jesus first, to pour into my relationship with Him, and let His Spirit lead to where He’s moving - and join Him in that.

Pathways Undergraduate Program Student / Cultivating Leaders in Ministry

January 2018

Each project drew me into deeper love for God and a deeper understanding of His love for me. This course was incredible.

Carrie McFarland / Graduate Program Student / Prayer and the Practice of Ministry

January 2018

This class has given me a better understanding of prayer, theologically, biblically and practically. I actually pray more and experience the power of prayer more in my life now.

Khuong Pham / Graduate Program Student / Prayer and the Practice of Ministry

March 2018

I liked the Instructor’s enthusiasm for the subject matter and his personal stories which helped me make the connection between the material being learned and ministry.

Pathways Graduate Program Student / Fourfold Gospel

October 2018

This course has made me more open to receiving the Holy Spirit’s gifts as well as encouraging the proper use of spiritual gifts in the lives of my brothers and sisters.

Pathways Graduate Program Student / Baptism of the Spirit

May 2019

The materials covered in the Discipleship Course really ought to stop you in your tracks because much of how we (the traditional church) do church ministry is far from the relational and intentional investing in and walking with others which is modeled and practiced by Jesus.

Joel Ingraham / Pathways Undergraduate Student / Disciple Making


This course has taught me the balance between solitude and fellowship. Both are needed and are vital in equipping us to hear God speak to us.

Matt Boyd / Undergraduate Program Student / Spiritual Formation


The opportunity to be on retreat was foundational to this ‘spiritual formation’ class.  To be able to tie in the heart to the academia made great sense when it came to the nature of this class.

Mandy Head / Graduate Program Student / Spiritual Formation

January 2018

This course made me take a deeper look at prayer and what it looks like both inside and outside of our ministry.  I’m being completely honest when I say it reshaped my prayer life.

Riley Smids / Undergraduate Program Student / Prayer and the Practice of Ministry

March 2018

The fourfold gospel is such a great subject to study. It has already helped me to minister in new ways.

Pathways Graduate Program Student / Fourfold Gospel

July 2018

Rethinking how to contextualize the gospel towards the needs of the people I am building community with.

Emma Martin / Undergraduate Program Student / Missional Theology

July 2018

This course has encouraged me to submit my application for work as an IW [missionary] later this summer.

Pathways Graduate Program Student / Missional Theology

November 2018

I really appreciate the discussion around Spiritual discernment as a practice for church leadership decision making.

Dan Martin / Pathways Graduate Student / Baptism of the Spirit