As I come to the close of completing the Pathways I am filled with such thankfulness and gratitude. The courses overall were very good especially in their teaching both theologically and in application."  

John Doe / Senior Pastor




I will continue to pursue what this class has taught as I walk out my journey with Christ.

I greatly appreciated the wisdom gleaned and the further reality of our dependence in the Holy Spirit.

Cultivating Leaders is an amazing course breaking down the mind sets of what [being a] leader and being called should look like.

Various Students / Cultivating Leaders in Ministry Course



January 2018

I’m seeing numerous good things that confirm that this is the perfect program for me to be a part of. Pathways is already challenging and strengthening my theology and walk with Christ – what a great way to inspire, unify, and equip people for ministry.

Steve Barabash / Worship Pastor



Septemer 2017

My theology is being torn down but rebuilt up in a Biblical foundational way where I can grow and just understand further what God has in store for me and what He has in store for the Church.

Joel McCallum / Ministry Apprentice @ Owen Sound Alliance Church